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–          the more mature girls like Kris and the ~schoolgirls~ like luhan

–          Kris likes to do magic

–          Who is the most popular amongst girls: luhan and kris

–          Kris hopes to have collaborations with SM seniors

–          Kris and luhan are the laziest

–          Kris  says he can fly and he did the flying gesture

–          ideal type: Kris: kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people

–          Kris likes all his nicknames because his friends also call him a few of those names and they are meaningful to him

–          Tao: Kris is more charismatic so the girls that like him are more old

–          tao said kris always taking care and helping him when he first came to korea

–          Kris introducing himself in Canto

–          luhan say kris will speak when he sleep he will speak in eng mandarin and canto

–          Kris said normally his hand will be on top cause he’s tallest

–          The host was asking Kris to aegyo but he dont want

–          Kris hopes to meet with fans from all over the world

–          Kris nickname is cowboy among members too

–          Kris says there will be OT12 collaborations

–          Kris: We’ve prepared as EXO for a year so they have that bond which is unforgettable

–          fan shouted at kris saying she knows how to cook,is fillial & kind and kris nodded at her then tao turned over and giggled at her

–          kris like to write lyrics

–          Kris’ impression of Lay: Really hardworking and perseveres because Lay practises longer periods than others

–          Kris: Luhan has a manly side and a really cute side as well

–          most fashionable , Smartest and the wittiest is kris

–          Everyone loves kris because kris takes care of them very well, cooking for them and buying them medicine when sick

–          Tao had the deepest impression of Kris

–          Kris composes lyrics and does sports omg

–          Kris helps the members with fashion/shopping

–          Min says Kris is the most wisdom one, he acts like a leader everyday

–          Kris says he thinks that luhan is the ‘cute little prince’ bcs he’s really cute, cool, and manly

–          Kris and Luhan is the craziest member among all of members [exotown]

–          *MC: Then who’s the laziest and sleeps in the most?*Xiumin: Kris.*MC: Kris, you stay in bed the most?*Kris: Me? Yeah, a little. —-

–          Kris’ hometown is Prov. Jiangsu, Lianyungang, not Guangdong.

–          Kris likes the song angel in their album mama the most. He enjoys listening to rap music too. | planet_exo

–          Kris can’t say no to Tao

–          Kris got two famous nicknames~~~’Niu Zai Ge’ which means cowboy,and another one is’JiaoZhu’,means hierarch | planet_exo

–          he enjoys reading books particularly self-improvement and inspirational

–          he’s very social and can talk to anyone

–          other trainees and team members of EXO think of him as a big brother

–          he joined SM by Global Auditions in Canada in 2007

–          Kris looks better in person than on camera, but he never undergo plastic surgery

–          he shares room with Xiumin and Luhan in Korea

–          he shares room with Chen in China

–          the laziest member in EXO-M

–          Kris sometimes speaks when he sleep, he speaks in English, Korean and sometimes even Cantonese

–          he knows magic tricks

–          his ideal type of woman is kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people

–          he was supposed to be in EXO-K, but due to SM has a large share in the China market, he joined EXO-M

–          Kris says Chanyeol is a very open & cheerful person. He makes jokes to make them laugh.

–          Kris said: We are a group with both chinese and korean members so at the beginning there was bound to be miscommunications but as we worked harder towards our dreams we’ve developed a really good relationship between each other and the communications between us have improved a lot

–          Why is Kris the leader?Luhan answer: Because he is really responsible and takes care of us a lot. Also he’s billingual and since we will be promotion a lot overseas, it’s more convenient

–          Kris are you pressurized by the role of a leader?Kris answer: Er yes, at the beginning when the company appointed me as the leader I was really stressed because I wasn’t sure if I could do the job well but it isn’t as difficult as expected because all the members compromise with me as well, and I’ll just have to do my part well for the team and for everyone

–          Kris call chen with “chen chen” because its cute and he think chen sounds a little stiff, so kris usually say “chen chen come here” LOL

–          Chen call kris with “ kris hiang” and call lay with “ xing xing hiang”

–          Tao said “first time with kris, he felt kris so handsome n cool. N i afraid to approach him. But actually, kris is nice and take care of me”

–          Tao said “when I shopping with kris, girl usually say ‘waaw.. So handsome’ | exo1st

–          Kris is the most articulate and has the potential of becoming a host among the member.

–          EXO-M itself who chose Kris as leader, not the agency

–          When landing luhan took the vomit bag and pretended to vomit in front of kris

–          When boarding the plane Tao banged into the door, and he swayed his arms a lot when he walked. When having his noodles he almost had his while face “in” the bowl. Kris helped him wipe his mouth after that

–          Who cares about apperance the most: Kris

–          Tao: Kris will always fix his hair for a really long time before going shopping with Tao

–          Kris would starting cleaning his face whenever lay is relaxing and doing leisure activities at night

–          Kris says because he misses his family and that’s the hardest part of training

–          They were nervours because there were seniors watching them and they wanted recognition so they had to do well~

–          #SS4INAday1 leader Kris thanked ELF and said ELF r awesome :’D he also said that EXO always love Super Junior!♥ | sment_exo

–          kris said thanks to indonesia we love indonesia

–          Kris said that he want to come to indonesia again>W< cr: iwuyifan

–          Did you know guys, Kris has a tattoo in his left arm. cr: exoplosion

–          kris said suju gives them good oppurtunities to be gues star in super show n said thanks to suju

–          exo m got poured mineral water by suju. they doing final bow.

–          kris said suju gives them good oppurtunities to be gues star in super show n said thanks to suju

–          SJ threw water on EXO! Only Kris didn’t get any one his hair cos his head is higher than Siwon’s (cr: luhanimnida)

–          120429 Ending Kris: it’s the last day of the concert. We hope we can participate with Super Junior in concerts in the future!

–          Kris’ blood type is O NOT B!!

–          Kris likes to play basketball. He used to be the team captain of one basketball team when he was 15 years old.

–          Kris is the laziest member in Exo-M

–          Kris likes to read comments about him on Weibo, Youtube and SMTown’s facebook.

–          Kris hestitated a bit before taking the coconut drink and when fans told him they were from China Tao laughed [cr: 音乐剧演员金俊秀的饭] | heechvl

–          D.O. was holding a piece of paper with Kris name on it [cr: 音乐剧演员金俊秀的饭] | heechvl

–          Kris is a warm guy~ When the manager hyung wasn’t looking, he secretly accepted the gift! cr. @吴亦凡吴牛仔 trans:fayerielf

–          kris is on phone and just laughed at an sms | yundorphin

–          when EXO-M came back in Korea(in the airport), fanaccount say that Kris protected Tao, hesaid: ”Don’t push him.” (viaohwufantheydidnt)

–          EXO Korean showcase official English subtitle was translated by Kris

–          Chanyeol helped Kris wear a birthday hat

–          The only reason why Kris wears the same pair of shoes is that he is a thrifty, sensible person ever since he was a child. | planet_exo

–          Kris was once so homesick that he was afraid to answer his family’s call because he didn’t want to miss them more and give up on training.

–          When he doesn’t have anything to do, Lay will cook. (Kris likes to cook too, so they cook together? I can hear Tao crying with jealousy lol)

–          Kris likes to perform magic tricks. (can you perform for us? Kris: maybe next time)

–          Someone came out from S.M. and Kris was near the entrance so we called him and he waved. He didn’t notice the auto-door was closing and by the time we told him it was too late and he hit his head on the glass door.”— exo的小管家 (via dancingkyu)

–          kris has a little brother

–          kris  has a dream of being Hollywood artist

–          Kris uses Lab Series Skin Care Brand. cr. KrisMeDarling

–          when asked who changed the most after debut Tao pointed at Kris

–          kris like tomato and peach

–          Tao was asked who is the most disobedient in M and Tao selected Kris | heechvl

–          Kris was the basketball team captain, his position was frontline.

–          Kris has lived in Canada since he waslittle, came back to China for 1 year andattended Guangzhou No.7 Middle School for 8th grade Guangzhou No.7 Middle School for8th grade, and then went back to Canada

–          When Kris was about to graduate from 8th grade, all the teachers wanted to keep him so he can continue to lead the school basketball team

–          Kris’ mother really loves him. Every time the team traveled to Beijing to compete his mother would come along and recorded the entire thing.

–          EXO-K Chanyeol about Kris “Even as a man myself, he’s really a handsome man” (The Star interview)

–          Fan: this you right? how come it doesn’t look like your real self?

Kris: hehe, it is me

Fan: I heard that you are the master of tall-rich-handsome so I came to pay my dues] (tall-rich-handsome is a popular slang in China used to describe guys, for girls it’s bright-rich-beautiful)

Kris: aiya, you flatter me, i’m not, i’m not

Fan: I think you are from what I can see

Kris: no i’m not hehe i’m not

Fan: that’s enough, i say you are, so you are

Kris: mm mm *signs picture* then i am… i am…

Fan: all my friends are falling crazy hard for you

Kris: haha, thanks thanks

Fan: don’t thank me

Kris: ah, then no thanks no thanks. hahahahaha

(cr: woo___小龙 trans by: love-exo)

–          “Who’s your favorite super hero?” Kris thought about it for awhile, and said “superman.” (cr: 心悦凡兮trans: love-exo)

–          Kris: I like many… too many artists to be named. I pay a lot of attention to actors too. Tony Leung, Takeshi Taneshiro

–          we used to speak English together in the beginning, so we are pretty close

–          Kris is the most stylish among the members. He usually helps the other members put outfits

–          together or they ask him where to buy clothes.

–          Luhan tried to unbutton Kris’ shirt but Kris blocked him so Sehun unbuttoned his shirt instead.

–          When waiting to board, Baekhyun wanted to talk to Kris and he shouted “DUI ZHANG!!!” and ran over to give him a hug

–          Kris doesn’t like makeup. When he goes out, he doesn’t want any makeup it’s bcs he don’t know how to use makeup. #KrisFacts

–          Luhan and Sehun were sitting together the entire time, and they even went to the washroom together. Kai initially looked really sleepy, but when he went into the washroom, he suddenly started laughing loudly, so loud that we could hear him across the aisle. The thing about Sehun unbuttoning Kris’ shirt actually went like this — little white rabbit (Luhan) started to unbutton it, then got blocked by Kris, and Sehun immediately took over.

–          D.O said Sehun was tall, then Sehun said Chanyeol was very tall, and then Chanyeol said Kris was very very tall~ cr:krischina by:love-exo

–          MC:if you arent EXO-M members now whose fans would you want to become | Kris, Lay, Luhan: EXO | Xiumin: Kris

–          Xiumin would choose Kris because he envies his charisma, knows 3 languages and has the height

–          MC: Who do you have the deepest impression of? Kris: Lay || cr:xiches

–          MC: Who do you have the deepest impression of? | Lay: Kris, Luhan | Lay: Kris was really cold when I first met him but Luhan was really cute cr:xiches

–          MC: Who do you have the deepest impression of? Chen: Kris because he’s really tall and handsome, and not really normal

–          MC: What is Kris’ hobby? Xiumin: Sleeping | Tao: A lot like african drums | Kris: A lot … cr:xiches || omg kris ~~

–          Q: What is Kris’ hobby? | Chen: Watch movie | Luhan: read books | Xiumin: Sleep | Yixing: Act cool | Tao: Plenty. Drums, African drums.

–          Kris liked a dark recording space….

–          MC: What is one thing you want to say to the other members? | Kris: Chen you’re really amazing! | cr;xiches

–          Kris: After debut we all look a lot more handsome cr:xiches |

–          Kris: “I’ll talk about something positive after debuting. Everyone became more handsome” omg v:qorean

–          Xiumin went up to Kris and Tao and said, “After my mom watched videos of us in China, she told me to never stand beside Tao and Kris.” Then everyone burst out laughing.

–          Kris’ high school name is Sir Winston Churchill High School Vancouver Canada

–          When Kris left China, his departure lead to the disbandment of his entire school basketball team.

–          Every time Kris went to Beijing to compete with his school basketball team, Kris’ mother would come along and record the entire game.

–          Tao says he wants to become as handsome as Kris

–          During confession segment Kris said he didn’t want to play and wanted to go home

–          Tao said the reward Kris promised during happy camp was a bowl of noodles cooked by Kris

–          Kris and Luhan pointed at each other when asked who had the best popularity among females

–          kris lowered his head,whether he cried anot the fans didnt managed to see

–          Kris said that he is someone who is not good at saying sweet things.

–          He is the “Fashion King” of EXO-M.

–          He looks really cool, but the fact is, he is an innocent, obedient and naive boy.

–          He said his handwriting bad but not about his drawing skilss lolz.

–          Kris is excellent in basketball, NBA must recruit him.

–          it’s obvious to know if Kris likes that friend. If he likes you he bullies you, if he doesn’t he will ignore you.

–          Kris said what type of apple is tasty, what type of apple is not tasty in his dreams.

–          There was a period of time when the members thought Sehun & Kris looked alike

–          who says Kris & Luhan are not in good terms?

–          Tao doesn’t rely on Kris, he wants to be good to everyone, if he thinks you dislike him, he’ll leave automatically.

–          the fact is kris realize if his own drew really bad and he was laughing for it. Lol

–          Kris slightly fixed his teeth before, but he really didn’t undergo cosmetic surgery, he’s originally like that

–          Kris practiced the rubix cube secretly for a long time, but the rubix cube has a grudge against him.

–          correction, the food that Kris cooks cannot be considered bad tasting, it’s just a bit cute.

–          Exo-M, if they gather at night they’d dim the lights and play some jazz, then drink some chocolate (not childish) .

–          Kris said pandas are cute & the MC pointed at Tao saying he’s a panda but Kris said “He’s a big panda he’s not cute, little ones are cute

–          kirs’s mom hometown actually from nanjing . but kris never go theres

–          Kris don’t think there is any body that can not ppl touch. oh then i know why the fans at airport was really like touch yours.

–          Kris own usual dressing style : European & American style. (trans by@nicole_0514 for @SMent_EXO )

–          Favourite style in today’s shooting  for health magazine : Kris like the one that we sleep together, it feels warm & comfortable . (trans by @nicole_0514 for @SMent_EXO )

–          Kris embrassing moment: There was once when we recorded for a show, my pants ripped off at the knee part, but I didn’t know, I just knew it when I saw pictures on the Internet. (trans by @nicole_0514 for @SMent_EXO ) lol i think i know that moment. It was on smtown concert 😛

–          favorite music genre: hip-hop, dance, pop, R&B

–          in his free time he writes lyrics or exercise

–          favorite song from the mini album MAMA: “What Is Love”. I heard if he likes angel ? which one is the truth? -__-

–          Kris said that he’s really grateful to be coming to thailand

–          MC asked fans who is the most handsome guy in EXO fan reply Kris Chanyeol Tao ^^ Cr: Taoxotic via: yahooexomworld and Planet_EXO

–          Kris said that he had moments when he wanted to leave academy and stop being trainee, but because of Tao he decided to stay (cr: ruhans)

–          [FANACCNT] SM town Tokyo : Tao, Kris, Xiumin and Suho stood together, other members stood on the other side of the stage. Tao kept pointing to the fans and whispering with Kris.

–          Tao’s Japanese was really cute, and at the ending he really stuck to Kris like glue

–          [Fanacc] 120804 SMTOWN Tokyo Day 1: Tao was in a pretty good mood; he talked alot to Kris Via: EXO_kiss Translated by @aegyon

–          [FANACCNT] SM town Tokyo : Tao, Kris, Xiumin and Suho stood together, other members stood on the other side of the stage. Tao kept pointing to the fans and whispering with Kris. cre : EXO12KM@weiboengtrans by tuthao

–          [FANACC] 120805 SMTown Tokyo day 2 : Kris helped Luhan when he was stumbling on the cable line. (cr.白白白牛肉贤;kirahime)

–          Smtown tokyo day 1 Kris did a thumbs up and hugged Amber when leaving the stage


–          Kris calls his mother “老妈”. [cr:elzhs]

–          Kris is good at cooking crab roe fried egg, enoki mushroom, sausage fried egg & black bean noodles mixed with raw egg.

–          on 8 july 2012 Kris using his new bag from his fans at airport . but he use it just once at that’s time lol.

–          Kris and Tao have many pairs of matching earrings, one has the left and one has the right one

–          After debut, Kris doesn’t cook that often anymore but Tao will always be the first to eat.

–          Kris often goes out with Tao, and they would go get bubble tea too.Kris would help Tao choose clothes and accessories that suit him.

–          Tao and Kris like to put their arms around each other.

–          Tao and Kris often take selcas together. Kris is actually a warm person.


kris said “dont be naughty” in thai during his self introduction

–          when asked who was the most naughty kris pointed to tao immediately [cr; hunhan_th v:shiihx]

–          Tao said to kris’WHATS WRONG WITH YOU MAN’ in English OMG TAO TAO ENGLISH

–          The MC and the translator doesn’t get what Kris is trying to say, so he try to save face by saying ‘ahhh nvm’

–          Kris and the Mc hugging and giving fanservice

–          Kris giving eyesex to the audience

–          the MC asked Kris where he wanted to visit in thailand he said “I want to go everywhere, let me take you” in THAI !!

–          A dancer came out and Kris went up to her and held her hand BRO CONTROL

–          the dancer is the actress who acted in ‘a little thing called love’ she wad the teacher!!

–          female mc walked down from stairs Kris went to hold her hand and lead her to the center of the stage [v:yahooexomworld]

–          kai, lay, kris, and chanyeol singing two moons

–          KRIS helped TAO with the Wushu performance (cr: Higher_n_Higher via:peachtea93)

–          Is Kris real because he’s so perfect looking


–          Before performing, Kris did a mic test. He pretended to eat the mic and said “Taste good” cr: CHU_EXO-M中国后援会 via yixingology exoplosion

–          Kris trying to act cool at the end but nearly tripped over D.O [midnighytofu]

–          ‘You guys must be pretty tired eh?’ Kris speaking in english

 Facts 100th debut EXO DAY

–          Kris sat with his legs wide open, Chanyeol helped him shut his legs and Kris open them up again [cr: 灿洁 trans: heecups]

–          Kris did catwalk today. In the middle of the event he kept throwing his pink tie behind his back so Chanyeol helped him fix it but he still kept throwing it backwards [cr: 牛仔哥喇叭裤trans: heecups]

–          Who is the read dancing king? Kris, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol felt that they were one of the few who were good at dancing [cr: 小智MAX trans: heecups ]

–          Members were asked about their wishes, Chanyeol shook his head and did waves and Kris kept joking around [cr: Higher_n_Higher trans: heecups]

–          Today Chanyeol and Kris talked a lot.  [cr: 牙OPPA trans: heecups]

–          Kris did aegyo and Lay did sexy dance (cr: DC; via: 小智MAX)

–          Kris did aegyo today. Sehun asked Kris how old is he & Kris answered “I’m 23~”. (cr: 小智MAX via:exoplosion)

–          Kris said that if he comes on the internet tonight and sees stuff about him doing aegyo, he’ll not let fans off [cr: 小智MAX via:galaexo]

–          Everyday with you guys is a fine day. 100 days is a good start. We will be together in the future too right? Rather than saying I like you guys, I like to say “I like YOU, every one of you”. (From EXO-M, KRIS) [trans: fayerielf]


What Kris’ Chinese middle school basketball team coach said about Kris!!!!

Above: The basketball court at Kris’ old middle school in China

(Note, he has lived in Canada since he was little, came back to China for 1 year and attended Guangzhou No.7 Middle School for 8th grade, and then went back to Canada)


 1. Kris played basketball pretty well (this is considered a very high remark from this particular school’s basketball coach)

2. When Kris came back to Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School to study, he also trained for and practiced basketball at the sports department.

3. Kris was the basketball team captain, his position was frontline. The coach originally wanted him to play the point guard, since this is the most crucial position and many team captains are also team point guards, we don’t know why Kris didn’t take that position.

4. When Kris was about to graduate from 8th grade, all the teachers wanted to keep him so he can continue to lead the school basketball team. But because of his language grades (after all, he only stayed in China for 1 year), the school didn’t keep him (imagine that if he stayed… we wouldn’t have Kris to lead EXO-M today! T.T). Anyways, his departure lead to the disbandment of the entire school basketball team!!! This demonstrates how valuable Kris was to the team with his superb basketball skills.

5. Kris’ mother really loves him. Kris also had very good manners and etiquette. Every time the team traveled to Beijing to compete, Kris’ mother would come along and recorded the entire thing. (lol can she share?)

6. Kris was a very obedient kid~ He was also very innocent/naive

This was originally from a person on Baidu who said he was Kris’s friend in Canada.[TRANS]:

1. His friend was pretty surprised when he found out that Kris debuted in EXO. When he looked at some of the fan taken pictures, he noticed that Kris was still carrying the same bag that he had a couple of years ago in Canada.

2. The first time his friend saw Kris, his hair was very long and it looked like he dyed it blond (or yellow). It is a lot lighter than it is right now. He has a cheerful personality, very easy to get along.

3. He is very handsome, his personality is super good, therefore his friend remembers this very well, even though it has been a long time.

4. They played basketball a few times and Kris was pretty good.

5. Kris looks even skinnier now than before probably because of stress.

6. Kris was very generous toward his friends and he always treated them to food after playing basketball.

7. His friends always teased Kris, but he never got mad.

8. A lot of people say Kris doesn’t dance well but this friend disagrees. Even though his friend doesn’t know how to dance, he thinks that Kris dances pretty well. Kris had dance classes with him and other friends, and they all called him Kevin at that time.9. His friend only knows this much about Kris, because they weren’t that close. He only recognized Kris’s black bag because Kris had carried it the several times the friend saw him, but he thinks that Kris like the color black.(SOURCE:, cr: exoexodeeeer, via: jaz@ EXO Philippines and kristastics)