KaiSoo’s Facts

KaiSoo’s part——by 私生大爆料 taken from EXO私生大爆料.

Original text from KT korea site.

1.In the dorm,Kai likes to hide D.O’s clothes and make D.O look for them.

2.D.O would out of habit,hit Kai.

3.Kai would ask D.O to cook for him no matter what time.

4.In D.O’s eyes,Kai can be easily bullied,although he is young,he does not lose his temper easily.

5.D.O and Kai’s interaction although its not immature, its not anywhere near being mature too.

6.During a Fansign,a Korean fan asked D.O what does he think of Kai,D.O answer is that Kai is easy to get along with.

7.D.O and Kai’s dorm cleaning arrangement,D.O would clean while Kai would clear the rubbish.

8.Suho likes to go to D.O’s room and talk but would be chase out by Kai in the end.

9.D.O and Kai would eat fast-food together(burger,fries,Mliktea(again!))

10.Kai like to tell jokes,D.O and the rest of the members would find it hard to understand what is so funny about the joke.

11.Kai eats a lot,D.O’s bag would always have a some energy food for him.

12.D.O says that Kai is White,this is the reason why Kai refuse to say that he is tan.

Disclaimer by the Chinese translator:She only know basic Korean if there are any translation mistake please forgive her.

English translation by incloudspirit. via mrsflamingchoi

-Kai and D.O are the roommate.

-Both have a sexy lips

-This couples getting attention when they show their  closed skinship at airport during EXO SHOWCase at Beijing.they even share their cap together,

-Both have face that make people cant resist their charm.

-During their EXO Showcase ,D.O  stand behind Kai while kai in sitting position.

D.O put his hands in Kai shoulder.

– during EXO SHOWCASE.Kai getting injured ,fans said,they saw D.O was helping Kai.

-They share their birthday months together,

Kim Jongin: January 14, 1994

Do Kyungsoo: January 12, 1993

( I will looking forward how the fans gonna celebrate this Couple birthday.i cant wait for KaiSoo bday)

-They are always caught staring at each other by fans

-This couple once placed  in the top of Naver search before

-During ShimShimTapa Radio interview KaiSoo cut:

D.O secretly vote for Kai for the member who look like artist and handsome.he actually can vote himself like the other did,but he choose Kai.

-During their trainee,they watch pororo. Pororo is D.O favourite cartoon character.i want to called them pororo couples.

Fan asking kai at Fanboard .

Fan,how tasty the food that D.O doensaeng do for you?

Kai : Did you ever eat spagetthi and Faint,that kind of feels.

D.O describe about Kai : even though he is my doensaeng,if I see him like this,he’s really cool and sexy.It’s to the extent I’d fall for him while looking his performance in the stage.his expression game  is really different than usual rookies’s.Even when I ask him for a part that I don’t know during dance practice ,he teach me really carefully without being annoyed at all ( SBS NEWS INTERVIEW).

-Kai said,Sehun and Suho will do well in acting career,Baekhyun and Chanyeol will do well in variety show while i and D.O will sit a home

They even share their teaser together. My lady. Kai dance and D.O sing the songs.

Source: The Star

source : D.Ougnuts ~ Exo-k~ {D.O Fanpage}

taken from: dodo0112 via mrsflamingchoi

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