EXO-M Luhan and EXO-K Sehun confirm that HunHan is real

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After EXO‘s showcase in Korea that was held in the 31st of May, the boys of EXO got to speak freely in an interview backstage where they weren’t so nervous. They were asked questions like how they sleep; what the atmosphere is like backstage and how they think they have changed since their trainee days.

Also, the ultimate question was asked to Luhan about what he thinks of the fans reaction to the HunHan couple (Luhan and Sehun couple).

The interview is here:

Int.: Among the EXO-K members, who sleeps in bed?

Su Ho: All of us really want to sleep in a bed, but there is only 4 to 5 that can suit.

ChanYeol: Because I’m tall I sleep on the floor. But if they [EXO members] are not in their beds, I sleep on them [the beds]. (Laughs).

Baek Hyun: I usually sleep in bed with Se Hun.

Se Hun: But I sleep with D.O.

D.O: Nobody sleeps with Baek Hyun because he’s too naughty.

Baek Hyun: Eh? (all laughs)
Int.: Is it hard for you to change your costumes especially because you are 12 members?

Lu Han: Yes, there’s still a lack of time but because of the staff who help us, we also cooperate to be in time so we can overcome it.

Int.: We can see that you really have had a lot of changes from being a trainee up to a performer now, what are those changes? We’ll start with Baek Hyun.

Baek Hyun: Yes, before I normally just stood in corners, talk to them and show some aegyo (laughs) but now I’ve improved; being shy is not my style now.
ChanYeol: He shows more aegyo now. (all laughs)
Xiu Min: Me, just the same (smile) my skills are improving now.
Lay: Also, I’ve gained my confidence and my skills are improving.
Tao: I already overcome being a shy type guy. (members are saying ohh?)Yes, really, I also practiced more and more and I became more confident.
Lu Han: There are no big changes for me but… ChanYeol: (interrupts) your hair.. (all laughs)
Chen: Everything’s still the same, nothing changed, it’s just that everyone of us is improving.
Lu Han: My skills from before are really improving. Also my professionalism.
Se Hun: I’m still a shy guy. But thanks to them [EXO members] I can
overcome it step by step. And my singing abilities are doing good.
D.O: Practicing everyday really helps me, us, to improve. And I try to change my eye popping out, (all laughs)
Su Ho: Now that I’m EXO-K’s leader, my leadership skills have improved a lot. And I hope that in the future I will be a good leader to follow.
Kris: Yes, same with the members, overcoming shyness and improving things that need to be improved, especially facing people. Be responsible and grow taller (laughs).

Int.: What can you say, Se Hun and Lu Han, now that HunHan is known to all.

Lu Han: I confirmed HunHan is true and we will do our best to give to the HunHan shippers.
Se Hun: (shy) Yes, HunHan is real so keep supporting us, even if we may separate. HunHan couple forever (bows-all members are clapping).
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