EXO-M Lay and His Essay about His Hemofilia and Dad

8 years ago, Lay, EXO-M Main dancer, had written a story about his sick -hemofilia, with title “Dad”. and this is his story, enjoy it!^^

[In my house, whether it’s morning, noon, or evening, you can always hear someone singing these lines: “ah such glorious, shining sun!” That, is my father’s song!
One morning when I woke up, I heard an enchanting melody and noticed an overwhelmingly stinky odor! I looked to the left, looked to the right, oh my gosh, my father was singing even while sitting on the toilet, unbelievable! See, that’s how much my father loves to sing!
An old Chinese proverb says “Like father, like son!” I enjoy singing very much too, and I sing pretty well. Perhaps it was because of my potential in performing arts, my father always takes me here and there to learn various things. Of course, he mainly takes me to singing lessons. Unfortunately, in my throat there was an enlarged tonsil, my father was worried that further enlargement will block my pharynx and thus prevent me from singing, so he took me to a hospital to schedule for a tonsillectomy. We found out that I have a problem with blood coagulation, so the surgeon recommended that I avoid surgical procedures. But my father made a wrong decision: “Cut it, you have to cut out the tonsil!” The surgeon couldn’t argue with my father, so he performed the surgery.
As expected, I had a massive post-operative hemorrhage, I kept on throwing up blood until I finally went into hypotensive shock and fainted! When I woke up, I was lying on a hospital bed, above me hung a bag of transfusion blood. I saw my father standing by the doorway holding a cigarette, and he looked very anxious. I thought: “You deserved it, who was the one who insisted on the surgery?”
Two weeks later, I noticed that my father has changed, he was not as arrogant and cocky anymore, anything I wanted he would buy for me. “Son! Can daddy take you outside for a walk?” My father asked. I reluctantly said “Okay!”  After we had a walk, my mood improved a lot, I pensively pondered: “Dad was just trying to help me, why couldn’t I sympathize with him more and see things from his point of view?” At that moment, my father suddenly said, “Son! I’m very sorry!” I immediately hugged him, and cried! This is my father who loves me dearly and cares for me!”]


how do u feel about it??

source: zhangyixing baidu bar
via mrsflamingchoi
take out with full credit please

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